C.h.o.o.s.e. Physical Therapy

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Why C.H.O.O.S.E Physical Therapy?

Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment:

      The first visit includes a thorough evaluation of your current status and the initiation of treatment. education and exercise.  We will observe and complete an assessment of posture, flexibility, mobility, strength and endurance to obtain treatment goals and establish a comprehensive plan of care.  Our goal is not only to understand the source of your pain and/or dysfunction, but to evaluate the effect of previous injuries, changes in life style, activities, and occupation, on your current condition. Following the evaluation, our opinion of your rehabilitation potential, recommended course of treatment and estimated number of necessary visits, frequency of sessions, as well as time needed for future appointments, will be discussed. Your input to this process is essential. 


            We are all highly trained manual therapists, utilizing a variety  of techniques, including soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, myofascial release, trigger point release, myotherapy, neuro-muscular mobilization, neural slides and glides, to decrease pain, increase soft tissue and joint mobility and facilitate improved range of motion, flexibility and muscular-skeletal balance.  We are continually advancing our education through ongoing evidence based research, to provide the best and most efficient care.

Orthopedic  &  

          We are all experienced therapists with in all aspects of orthopedic injuries. We see patient's of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics. We have a Certified Orthopedic Specialist an Athletic Trainer, and two Certified Manual Therapists on staff.

Sports medicine 

             We are experienced with athletes, from the child with an overuse injury to the weekend warrior, to the professional athlete. We have extensive training in evaluation and treatment and subsequent rehabilitation for sport specific injuries.

       We provide individual testing for muscle imbalance assessing strength and flexibility, with custom designed exercise programs for the athlete of any level to improve core strength, spinal stability flexibility and /or agility so they may return to playing or just improve performance in their sport. Our goal is to educate the athlete, to teach and provide an understanding or proper movement, body mechanics, decrease risk for injury and maximize performance. 


​       We have on staff over 150 years of education and experience working in out patient physical therapy with orthopedic and sports medicine injuries. We work together as a team to provide the best possible care. Our team approach is of great benefit to our patients.