C.h.o.o.s.e. Physical Therapy

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What to wear and bring to appointment:

Initial Visit:  90 minutes one-on-one with an experienced physical therapist, specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine

         ** consists of complete medical history, evaluation of the range of motion and strength for arms and legs, as well as spine, neural tension testing, overall flexibility assessment, balance, agility, posture, Body Mass Index, cardiovascular assessment, and functional movement screen (if appropriate).
          ** Comprehensive assessment with full written report and contact with appropriate medical staff, personal trainer or coach to educate others involved in client's exercise, conditioning or health care. 
           ** Home exercise program is initiated during this session. 
Follow up session: 60 minutes 1-2 weeks later with full program reviewed, and with handouts provided 

​Wear comfortable clothes, shorts or sweatpants and loose fitting t-shirt.  Bring copies of any previous injury reports and current exercise programs.  Bring questions and your personal goals for this program!

Please note: This is a cash program. Traditional insurance policies do not cover preventative medicine.  No referral or prescription is needed 

Please call 727-244-9414 with any questions or e-mail Amy : amy@choose physical therapy.com

What to Expect:  

The body is an amazing machine that will change movement patterns to increase efficiency. The body naturally attempts to avoid pain by utilizing stronger muscles and avoiding using weaker ones.  If an imbalance is present, it will gradually get worse over time, leading to further imbalance and ultimately resulting in injury.

---Identify potential risk for injury, recognize imbalances early and prevent further compensation 
---Establish an appropriate exercise program for injury prevention and to maximize performance
---Educate the client on self management for any current issues and how to progress home exercise program to meet current goals 
---Maximize functional level for all activities of daily living and maximize potential for all recreational and sporting activities
---Track changes in body mass, strength, flexibility and functional/competitive level yearly to assess potential risks and to update current exercise program

--- Obtain a customized exercise program for each individual, from the geriatric population, to the adolescent competitive athlete, to the weekend warrior.

Why complete this Program?
Who is a candidate for this program? 
----This program is for anyone who wants to increase or maintain their current level of activity*
--- The program is custom designed to improve flexibility, improve posture, improve balance, increase endurance, improve cardiovascular fitness, increase strength and overall physical condition.
----This program is perfect for any age, or any activity level from the adolescent to elder adult that has various, minor injuries occur that interfere with enjoyable activities, as well as performance in sports to the highly competitive athlete.
---This program has an emphasis on education: self management to prevent injury through safe and appropriate exercise. 

**Physical Therapists are movement experts who are uniquely trained to identify musculo-skeletal imbalances that can lead to injury.  We are experts in providing appropriate education and exercises for not only for injury prevention, but also to maximize performance.

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